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Feminism, gender identity and polarization in TikTok and Twitter

The potential of social media to create open, collaborative and participatory spaces allows young women to engage and empower themselves in political and social activism. In this context, the objective of this research is to analyze the polarization in the debate at the intersection between the defense of feminism and…

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The Gender Gap in Journalism. Characteristics and Perception

Journalism is an activity that does not escape the gender gap. Despite progress in equality in recent decades, the analysis of women in media newsrooms show data even today that prove differences between men and women. Within this context, this study aims, on one hand, to characterise the main indicators…

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Comunicación política, institucional y medios de comunicación en tiempo de pandemia. Análisis del diálogo sobre vacunas en cinco países iberoamericanos

El actual contexto mediático se caracteriza como un sistema híbrido en el que los viejos y los nuevos actores coexisten y, a la par compiten, por su hegemonía en la esfera mediática. En este contexto, el Covid-19 ha generado una “infodemia” o sobreexposición informativa que ha dificultado el acceso de…

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Current affairs on TikTok. Virality and entertainment for digital natives

Since its appearance in 2018, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms among digital natives because of its algorithm-based engagement strategies, a policy of public accounts, and a simple, colorful, and intuitive content interface. As happened in the past with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,…

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University teaching experiences with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Promoting transversal competencies in online journalism

This article analyzes one case of university teaching innovation in the field of online journalism through multimedia journalistic projects linked to the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These projects aim to develop Transversal Competencies (TC) useful for emotional, creative training and for creating enterprising future journalists. The outcomes of this…

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Fewer and later. Women as experts in TED Talks about COVID-19

The dissemination of science has undergone a major upsurge in recent years thanks to the Internet, which has served to overcome many of the technical and economic barriers. Among the many initiatives, one of the most successful tools has been the TED Talks website. At the same time, various studies…

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