Television and New Narratives: The use of Augmented Reality on Antena 3 News

caratula 2018-2Technological innovation engages with new journalism narratives in a context marked by a wide information offer, in which the media try to differentiate themselves and generate more interactivity towards their audiences. This investigation analyses the use of Augmented Reality (AR) as an informative tool on Antena 3 news, in the period between January and April 2019. This Spanish television channel is a pioneer in the implementation of this display technology that recreates immersive situations superimposing physical and virtual realities.

The main objective is identifying topics that use AR most, as well as determine their form, interactivity level and main functions. With a clear informative purpose, these resources are mainly associated with news of general interest, normally with a certain prevision or durability. Additionally, this study outlines main characteristics of a surrounding innovative scenography which promotes a closer approach among the anchorman and spectators, contributing to a better information comprehension and assimilation.

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