The transmedia initiatives of the Basque public broadcaster (EITB) to connect with young audiences


Transforming the Basque Public Radio and Television Broadcaster (EITB) into a transversal, digital and transmedia group has been a long process. This was initiated a decade ago with the Digibat Plan (2000-2007) and took shape as a result of grouping EITB’s radio, television and web newsrooms into a new digitalized headquarters, symbol of a new stage for this public broadcaster. At present, EITB is immersed in a context of changes in which European public radio and televisions are adapting to the multiplatform and transmedia ecosystem and exploring new trends to connect, primarily, with the young audiences. This paper thus focuses on the case of Euskal Irrati Telebista (EITB), a communication group that has been developing since the 2010 year innovative large scale productions useful for getting a better insight into the Basque language and culture through transmedia narratives. Based on a qualitative methodology of content analysis and in-depth interviews with media professionals, the study examines the most outstanding transmedia audiovisual productions of EITB in order to determine the characteristics and the main obstacles overtaken by the Basque public broadcaster in order to produce interactive journalistic proposals.

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