Female Candidate Word: The Limited Gender Impact on the Electoral Discourse in Twitter

journalThumbnail_es_ESThis research develops a descriptive analysis of the topics promoted on Twitter by lehendakari candidates during the cybercampaign of the Basque Autonomous elections of September 2016. To this end, the study includes four categories of framing and three discursive strategies that have been analyzed in 411 messages from the front-runners of the five formations that obtained parliamentary
representation. The candidates have had an unequal activity on Twitter, although in all cases the policy issues have been the most common frame. It has not been possible to establish a relationship between the sex of the candidates and the issues addressed. Likewise, the presence of the gender perspective has been almost testimonial in its messages. For all these reasons, the study points out the contradiction between the institutionalized approach of the political parties and that of their candidates.

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