Synergies of sorority in virtual communities of women’s magazines. The case of the closure of the Vogue forum

Revista Latina

The progressive disappearance of  the  forums  as  an  already  archaic  element  of conversation on the cyber-media is a fact with the closure of one of the last ones that remained active as is that of the Vogue magazine. A closing that is preceded by insults and threats to blogger Lovely Pepa that are what has triggered this closure. Methods: This qualitative research has been conducted through  structured  surveys  to  47  users  of  the  Vogue  magazine  forum. Results  and  discussion: The results obtained highlight the importance of synergies above all of sorority that have been created in a female community that was part of a medium but that was completely independent of it. A group with  a  need  to  be  informed,  to  converse  and  to  address  richer  and  more  varied  topics  than  those proposed by the publication.

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