Tagging feminism. Analysis of Ibero-American cybermedia


In recent years, feminism has increased its social presence, which sparks interest in learning how the media discourses transmit their values and demands to society. This study analyzes the presence and characterization of feminism in ten of the main Ibero-American digital media by analyzing 2712 terms included in the tags corresponding to the keywords that appear in the information metadata. The analysis of the interrelation of terms allows us to know which concepts, topics and people are linked to feminism, and the way in which the media approaches information on the subject. The results show, on the one hand, an unequal treatment of the subject by the Ibero-American media, as well as an unstructured use of tags to organize the media discourse. The results also show the important association between feminism and the personalities of culture and entertainment, compared to a less direct impact of the campaigns conducted on social networks and by activists. The study also corroborates that despite the increase in the total number of news stories, the discourses of victimization of women continue to be dominant among the topics associated with feminism..

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