Online journalism teaching and learning processes beyond the classroom and the university. Experiences in international virtual collaboration on multimedia projects

The current media need for employees capable of producing multiplatform content and thriving in collaborative environments. This has made digital journalism one of the fields considered to have the greatest potential today for promoting professional, research, and teaching innovation. In fact, online journalism has played a major role in the renovation of communications curricula over the past two decades. This article examines a case study on a teaching innovation project in online journalism based on the Internationalization at Home (IaH) transversal perspective. It can be considered as the first project examining this perspective in the journalism-teaching field. The examined project was carried out by teachers and researchers of five Ibero-American universities with the aim that virtual international students of the five universities collaborated for the production of multimedia in-depth news reports. The article thus analyses the teaching innovation experience and discusses it in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

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