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Virtual cooperation and SDG in the universities of the Ibero-American space. Innovation tools in the teaching of online journalism

This imagenarticle aims to describe three educational innovation projects in the field of cyberjournalism, useful to assess the value of pedagogical innovation beyond the introduction and didactic exploration of ICT. These projects were developed by the research group KZBerri (, funded by the University of the Basque Country between 2015 and 2020, and assume that the practice developed under the subject “On-line journalistic writing” is useful to fill the gap in communication curricula when it comes to fostering professional cultures in students highly sought after by current companies in the sector. These cultures are based on values such as entrepeneurship in communication, creativity and professional cooperation projects in convergent and international contexts. Two of the projects described also represent the first application of “internationalization at home” (laH) (Crowther, 2001; Beelen and Jones, 2015) to pedagogical innovation in on-line journalism.