Digital News Start-ups in Spain: Symbolic and Social Capital as Drivers of Success

cover_issue_3453_es_ESOngoing downsizing in the media sector has sparked a new start-up culture in the field of journalism. Over the past few years an increasing number of news organizations seeking to leverage social and symbolic rather than financial capital and cultivate employee as well as audience loyalty have entered the market (Wagemans, Witschge and Deuze, 2016). This paper examines El Diario ( and El Confidencial ( Qualitative methods involving the on-site observation in their newsrooms and semi-structured interviews with their journalists were employed.

Findings indicate that both see themselves as alternative news providers whose emphasis El Diario draws heavily upon the symbolic capital of its founder Ignacio Escolar, El Confidencial, has banked primarily on its social capital.

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Media and Social Innovation: The Rise of Active Audiences in the Digital Environment

Andamios Journal

The widespread use of the Internet has generated profound changes in the media over the past two decades. The rise of new media, far from being limi ted to incorporate a new broadcast channel, has caused profound changes in the way audiences consume media and participate in its contents. Similarly, the term innovation has also expanded from its traditional sense relating to the technological advances in industrial environments to a wider conception in which improve ments in services, in products, in marketing and work organization are also included. We discuss these concepts and lists the innovations produced in the field of media and, especially, those that can be considered as social innovations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Journalism: Current Keys

euskonews_270The world of communication is at a turning point, as technological advances and, more specifically, the digitization processes that began at the turn of the century brought many opportunities. At the beginning of the century, when the web was in the process of being established as the fourth largest media platform, processes related to the evolution of techniques and systems became prominent, and became a testament to the improvement and innovation of the media sector. Twenty years on from the beginning of the great innovation revolution brought by the web, we are still evolving today thanks to technological innovations that, in turn, pose new challenges or needs for change.

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